it’s oh so quiet….

First morning of school term today and all is quiet in our house! It’s blooming great…sigh! It’s funny, hubby and i were talking the other day about our children. As a rule you spend the first 3 to 4 years encouraging your children to speak and marvelling at their funny anecdotes, especially when they come out with Pearler’s that have you chuckling for days but then that marvel goes away after a while and we spend the next 15 years or so telling our children to be quiet because their screaming and constant chatter is giving us a headache!! Funny old world really. Both of my boys are chatterboxes but then that’s hardly surprising as both hubs and i can talk the hind leg off a donkey. Him with his i phone stuck to his ear chattering to every dog and its dick and myself to anyone who cares to give me ear-space really! Anyway i digress a little. So yes, my eldest has gone back to school and none too soon. He was more than ready by about four weeks worth. When i think back to the long summer holidays, on the whole they were great if a little boring at times but good fun. My lad has appeared to have enjoyed the holidays but due to lack of funds and the in ability to be legal on the roads yet. We haven’t strayed very far from the home front. There is a limit to how far one goes with children and good times. Trying to explain to Leon that the daily chores have to be done and dusted before the fun begins…is like pulling teeth. Maybe i expect too much from him at such a young age but i think it’s perfectly reasonable to ask a five year old to tidy his toys away when finished. Ah well, maybe this year at school will teach him a little more discipline because as far as how much he hears when i talk is pretty much blah, blah, blah. When his teacher speaks or anyone else for that matter, his hearing couldn’t be clearer.

Well time to get back to my mop and bucket and the mount Fuji of washing waiting to be caressed by my faithful iron. Oh yes and not forgetting the peaceful quiet. Now where’s the tea bags? 😉


car booty!

Phew! What a day…

Spent the day today doing our first car boot sale. What an eye opener that was. First, it was raining! Great! Secondly, we were running late and my husband was doing a fine impression of a chicken on full flap!! So car was loaded, kids were buckled in and after the third attempt to leave the house after forgetting several important things (ie: money, umbrellas etc) we were off! Got to our selling destination and set up our “stall”. I felt like a marketeer…! Thankfully by the time we got to said destination, the rain had stopped and the sun was starting to push through. Had a quick poke at other people’s stand and not being one to brag but i can honestly say either i’m anally retentive to detail or other folk don’t give a crap about how they sell stuff. I was quite proud of  my stall and my wee entrepeneur son’s had their own little stall underneath our stall table! Got to love kids for their ingenuity. According to my eldest, Leon, everything was “free quid, mate!” and “do ya wanna buy it?” May i just point out, we’re not cockneys but my son sounded like he’d been born and raised on a london market stall! Hilarious!!

Anyway it was quite an eye-opening experience. People really have no shame at times. I had spent time, labelling and pricing my items up. Put them into clear bags, so they looked clean and fresh. I figured that if it rained at least the stuff i was selling wouldn’t get ruined. People on the other hand though have no regard for the time and efforts spent prepping this stuff. Tipping things out of bags and not putting them back properly and the offers we got for some items. For instance. A baby Bumbo seat. We bought ours for almost £40. It still looks fairly new barring a little nibble taken out of the base when my son thought he’d have a go at eating it one day… I had priced it for £8. Not the cheapest admittedly but i wasnt going to give it away. Bloke came up and said ” give you a fiver, ok?” ok…NO!! It’s £8!  He replies, i can get one for £20 brand new from Argos. My husband pipes up…go to Argos then!! Hmmm! Maybe I’m being a little over sensitive but i appreciate we all want a bargain in life but to take the michael! yea, not happening!

So there we have it. One lesson learnt. Don’t over price yourself if your car booting but don’t let people blatantly rip you off. Hubby and i did actually manage to make a little money that’s going towards our upcoming trip to Le Francais..aah  Oui! Oui! So it was worth staying up nearly all night prepping and rushing around like wallies this morning. We earnt a few squid! Hooray!

Next time, I’m going to be even more prepared for the buyers. They’ll be falling over themselves to buy my crap…ha ha! Watch this space. The cutest part of today. My eldest son wants his own stall so he can ask every one “ya wanna buy it?”

Can’t wait. Next time I must remember to take my camera, my boys really did look the part today! Bless them. 😀

orange garden

orange garden

Reminds me that Autumn is just a gentle breeze away!

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